When voice actors breathing before and after takes is very audible, be careful not to chop them in half when making dialogue timing adjustments once your ambient tracks and sound effects are in place. You can ‘Solo’ the dialogue channels to find and remove any unnecessary breaths. 

1 2 3

If you have a complex scene with a large amount of similar sound effects (in the screenshots above we were conveying ‘distant gunfire’) you can consider mixing them down as one file. A channel from a previous scene was highlighted to play on ‘Solo’ and then mixed down. This new file can then be chopped up and used in your new scene. 


Again, this tactic was used instead of pulling huge amounts of individual footfall into the multitrack, above, a mixdown is being created. 


When moving things round and adjusting scenes, highlight the segments you are completely happy with and use Ctrl G on Adobe Audition (PC) to lock them in place. This way you can move them around in groups. 

voices1 voices2

The mixdown to one file method can be used for dialogue too, lay out individual lines without overlapping and mix down. You can now cut this one file up in the multitrack…

voices 3

…and do any panning using the individual channel controls on the left. 


Aftermath, episode 5, scene 1. Getting busy. 

Have a listen to the voice mix before and after ambience and sound effects were added. 


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