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Five audio dramas were created.

The first was just under fifteen minutes long with the first half being recorded in the studio, and the second half being recorded on location. The drama was titled ‘Time is Money’.

The second and third were two performances of the same story, with ‘Version A’ recorded in the studio, and ‘Version B’ recorded on location. Both ran between four and five minutes long. This story was titled ‘Captive Minds’.

The four and fifth were different short stories or one and two minute lengths, the former being recorded in the studio, and the latter on location. The studio drama was titled ‘The Discovery’, whilst the location drama was titled ‘The Accident’.

19 test listeners were gathered on the Audio Drama Production Podcast Facebook group. They were made up of audio drama producers and enthusiasts.

On the test sheet they were asked to “listen whilst sitting down with over-ear headphones and no other distractions (phone, TV, laptop, book, etc)”

The test listeners were asked to rate the dramas on ‘sound quality’ and ‘performance’ on a head to head basis, choosing the area they felt each excelled on.

Time is Money – Part One (studio) versus Part Two (location)

Captive Minds – Version A (studio) versus Version B (location)

The Discovery (studio) versus The Accident (location)

The five voice actors who participated in these dramas were then asked which method they felt led to their best performance.








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