Sound Test Feedback: Time is Money (studio v field)

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Comments from Time is Money feedback, the first half of the show was recorded in the studio, the second, on location.

Excellent story. Kept me guessing. I thought the whole piece was very well done. On the studio side the only thing that I noticed was there was an echo to the dripping water but not much echo to the voices. In the second part you feel dropped in a real environment straight away, which works beautifully for the story, because we’re suddenly in our present (2015 if my math is correct). In the scenes following the initial location scene the voices further off mic seemed to have a bit of a tunnel effect which made them seem recorded rather than real time, but I actually liked the sound better than the studio because the environment felt authentic. BH

Nice voice treatments on the studio section. The phone-tree menu was especially well done.

The guard and his footsteps sound like they’re in the same room (that is, that they’re in a cell with bars rather than solid walls), but the door he bangs on sounds solid.

Not sure the crowd in the café scene quite blends — the actors sound like they’re in a house.

In all five pieces, the acoustics on location give a lot more cues as to the space the characters are in. It’s likely a tougher job maintaining constant levels, but the added depth more than makes up for it. EM

I’m guessing the second part of this has been recorded on location(s) with some form of stereo array mic(s). It does work, and both of them are of a very high quality, though I would say the dynamic qualities of the first one are better. You can also hear the benefit a studio scenario holds in terms of coherence between the different characters, in the first example. In case of performance, I feel they are both excellent, but the sound quality improves it further if this makes sense, so had to say the first. The same goes for immersion and sound effects. Synchronisation feels excellent on both. MS

I felt that the overall sound quality in part 1 was better than part 2 from a technical perspective, however I felt more immersed by the story and performance in part 2. JS

Some of the background music was a bit distracting in parts; some of the sound panning was a little jarring, just fine tuning required to prevent pulling the listener out of immersion. KK

As someone hard of hearing I favour the Studio version because the Location recordings screw up my hearing. KR

I could hear the difference in sound quality between the versions. The studio one was a lot more focused on the voice, and a bit clearer, however, I thought that the recording on location, especially the cafe(?), was really cool and helped with the immersion. The volume was a bit more consistent in the studio version I think the effects/synchronisation were a bit better. OP

Best part of pt 2 is when Robert arrives and approaches the mic. That was realistic and sounded like I was in the room. Part 2 had good marks in all categories, but Part 1 was more polished. The setting helped with that, being fantastical and created just for us. The reverb in the “past” was a bit heavy; don’t know if you added any or if it was just the nature of the recording space, but it was a bit too lively for my ears. Though that may just have been because we just left the lush soundscape and slightly confined feeling of the space station of Part 1. OM

The first part is the best one in my opinion, the dialogue is sounding good, well recorded, clean. The story is immersive, it make me feel in the drama and I can visualise and imagine the sound heard. The sound effects are really good too, good stereo image. There is some good transition between scenes, particularly the one at 13: 40, the build up with these strings fit perfectly, and give some tension to the listener before transiting to the part 2. The reverb on the vocal sound appropriate, not too dry not too wet, they fit the different scenes. Well done this is my preferred one, from all the drama piece from your project, this should be sent to the BBC!

The second part I don’t like the reverb on the dialogue, it sound like a radio, I would EQ the low end. Not too sure about the reverb on the vocal too, sometimes it make me feel almost uncomfortable. RM

This was the hardest to decide which part to vote for! It was close on Immersion, Sound Effects and Volume. SL

Background Historical video Recording 5:47- 7:25 – Over a minute and a half of low volume. I would suggest once it’s clear to the audience they’re hearing a recording to return the volume to normal levels due to it’s length. DM

I’m not sure what synchronisation means. The on location effects the voices more with the environment but it did not do it in a way that made me understand where we were more, or what was going on. I found it a little distracting, and just felt lower quality. Also, it sounds like different people are different distances away from the mics in the on location recording so it makes me not sure what/who the focus of the scene is on. Who’s prospective is the scene from. SS


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