Sound Test Feedback: The Discovery V The Accident

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The Discovery was a studio recorded piece of just over 2 minutes in length. The Accident was a field recorded piece of just over 1 minute in length. These details were not made available on the test sheet.


I’m consistently impressed by your handle on story. The first piece grabbed me a little more, the sound effects were very well integrated.   The sound of the car passing in the 2nd piece put me right there in the scene, as well as the Doppler on the horn in the oncoming car. The crash seemed a little tinny, and maybe didn’t mesh as well with the environment. I think it could’ve been louder as well, to top everything that came before and put a more definitive exclamation point on the scene. These are minor quibbles, though, because I thoroughly enjoyed listening to all of the pieces. Thanks very much for letting me take part and I hope some of my comments are useful. BH

Really nicely blended sound effects on “The Accident”. EM

This one was harder to put my finger on. I think overall I just prefer the control that the studio environment obviously gives. You get a much stronger impression of environmental change when you can control the ambience tightly. The performance again feels better in the live scenario and I think blending in sound bank sounds really brought it alive, although I preferred them in the first. MS

I felt that the overall sound quality and experience was better in version B. JS

The Discovery: No physical effort during implied digging and movement

The Accident: A bit of car movement when Lee goes to find the phone maybe? KK

This isn’t to say I didn’t like the field recording, it’s just that I enjoyed the setting of another planet a lot more and the ambience and sound effects did the story a real justice. The field recording in ‘The Accident’ was really nice, and did sound like we were in the car, although perhaps there could have been a bit more engine noise to sound like the car was speeding as opposed to just going. OP

My preferences seem to be for studio recordings for their polish. That said, I love the 3D and immersion that location recording brings to the production. For example, the most realistic and immersive moment in The Accident is when the driver reaches for his wallet: really brings the listener into the car. Post production is probably tougher and more time consuming with studio recordings, but the fine-tuning pays off. Location recordings rely more on external conditions, but the realism works better and those moments really shine. As with “Time is Money”, the setting plays a part in this comparison as well: a car is more realistic and familiar to listeners, so it plays well as a location recording. The otherworldly setting of “The Discovery” is more effects-heavy, so it was a perfect example of a soundscape built from scratch. OM

I prefer much the first recording (Discovery) because the sound quality is clearer, the atmosphere with the sound effect sounds amazing, good stereo image, really immersive, the volume is good overall, however, There is two think in that first recording I would double check, like these impacts sound effect,(about 0:38 and 1:40) I would check them with a PPM meter to make sure they are not exceeded the volume required for BBC as I think they are slightly a bit too loud, but it may be just me.

The second one (Accident), the vocal make me feel uncomfortable, it sounds like almost phasing like I don’t know it seem like they were recording stereo, not mono so It kind of strange. However the sound effect are sounding good, but again I think the crash at the end is a bit too loud. RM

In ‘The Discovery’ the volume of the insects around the actors was a little distracting.   The sound quality was much clearer in ‘The Discovery’. RCO

It was interesting to listen and to try and decide between field and studio recordings. There is no doubt that the field recordings really benefitted in performance and ambience (e.g. Captive Minds B), but, and this may be a personal thing for me, I quite like some ‘studio’ effects (vocal effects, phones, doors etc) over ‘live’ versions, although they are harder to mix. I’m torn! SL

I think that the mix on “The Accident” was a better but I don’t know if that has to do with the recording style or the editing. SS


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