Sound Test Feedback: Captive Minds (studio v field version)

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Comments from the listener sound tests. This is two different recordings of the exact same story. It was not stated on the test sheet that one was a studio and one was a location recording.


Version A: Again, great story. Fantastic Open. Loved the effects on the voices. Footsteps at 1:20 seemed a little strange, maybe a bit treble and didn’t seem to go with the voices. Aside from that all the sound effects worked well. And speaking of SFX… Loved the Heartbeat going into the SFX and then the exterior when the headset goes on. The exterior, by the way, felt entirely real to me in the studio.

Version B: I thought both were excellent but the studio version worked a little better, possibly because the artificial environment lent itself to the story. There’s an edgier quality to the field record but if you’d said the exterior scene in V1 was real I would’ve believed you. I marginally prefer the performances in V1 as well. So I guess overall it worked a little better for me. BH

In a similar vein to “Time Is Money”, it would have been cool to cut from studio to location or vice versa when the characters enter the VR world! EM

Almost exactly the same critique as before, however I’d say the location seemed to have an effect on performance in this case. It definitely added to the ambience in this case, however there was a slight sacrifice in terms of sound quality. It is by no means bad however, so perhaps if you had the option to use a better mic setup, this would have been a slightly different result. MS

I feel like in the Studio recording the acting was somewhat more to “in character” and everyone seemed more friendly toward each other (especially in the beginning scene with the secretary) while the Location recording somehow had a more hostile “just gtfo and leave me alone” frequency in their voice. When Lance reveals to Dan that he can go down the road to chill for 3 more weeks, Dan seems more genuinely taken aback in the Studio recording, while on Location he appeared more “Are you f*cking shitting me?” – Sort of more aggressive maybe?

For that I favour the Studio Recording. KR

I think the studio recording was the better of the two here in terms of sound quality. With the performance, it seemed like the interviewer was a lot darker throughout in the location recording, and I preferred it when he was a lot more enthusiastic until the very end when unveiling the true meaning of working in Captive Minds. The sound effects of the gaming company at work were a bit more effective in the location recording because they were a bit louder, but I felt more immersed in the studio recording as I believed it more, if that makes sense. OP

I enjoyed both versions equally, for different reasons. The Sound quality, volume, and synchronisation were a bit more polished and clean in the studio version. The location recording sounded a bit “roomy” (similar to Part 2 of “Time is Money”). Perhaps a bit more sound dampening would help that? I think it was only really noticeable since I came out of listening to the studio version first–I’ll listen in reverse order to The Accident. The immersion was great in the location version, complete with wind and traffic that was more realistic than the studio version. The performace was a toss-up, but I selected the location recording because it was more natural and less polished. Breaths, hesitations, chair squeaking all made the acting more conversational. Though the actor in version A played it a bit more “nerdy” and truly blown away by the honor of being chosen (which was a little more fun). OM

The first one sound best, well use of sound effect, dialogue is sounding good well recorded, clean, but missing some reverb that is in the second one a bit too dry I would say. The second one has reverb on the vocal but a bit too much as well too wet and there is too much bass on the vocal, it sounds like almost from a radio but that’s not a radio story, even it’s a radio drama so I would EQ a bit that low end. RM

The studio version grabbed me more than the one ‘on location’. Although I do have to say that the Virtual Reality portion of the show worked better in the ‘on location’ version due to the natural reverb and the feeling that we were ‘outside’. Overall – after listening to all of them – the ‘on location’ samples worked best when outside. RCO

  • The phone effect in ‘A’ (around 0:30) added extra immersion that was missing from ‘B’
  • When the virtual reality chair is revealed, I preferred no noise in ‘B’ to the ‘whoosh’ type effect in ‘A’
  • The ‘live’ sound in ‘B’ is good, could be augmented by ‘artificial’ sounds as in ‘A’, e.g. the phone as mentioned above.
  • I didn’t think it was as obvious in ‘B’ that the noises at the start were on the TV – the background voice stays quiet while the shouts and gunfire get louder, it’s almost as if it’s happening in the reception?
  • The performances in ‘B’ are much better, and the transition to being ‘outside’ works really well.
  • Love the idea for the story! SL

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