Time is Money – audio drama final piece

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This audio drama will actually combine studio and field recording techniques to create a hybrid piece. The story begins 500 years from now, on board a dank, sprawling space station where petty thief and protagonist Rose is caught up in the web of dodgy antique dealer Mr Jennings, who sends her back in time to present day Edinburgh. Her mission, once back on ‘Old Earth’ (now uninhabitable after the great nuclear war of 2166) will be to retrieve a painting and bring it back to the future, where Jennings has already agreed its sale with a dangerous and powerful mafia boss. The first half of the story, recorded in the studio, will be designed to sound dark, eerie, sterile, and synthetic. Water will drip from old rusty pipes, rats will scuttle in dark corners of rooms, and along deserted corridors. When Rose is then transported to ‘the past’ (the present day) the story will suddenly become a field recorded piece. The aim here is to ‘jolt’ the listener, to make them feel a bit like she probably would. With the first scene of her arrival in present day Scotland being outdoors, the sheer openness of the recording should sound huge and overwhelming compared to the dark, claustrophobic, metallic chambers of the space station that she’s lived her entire life on. A (possibly dated and tenuous) visual example of this technique might be The Wizard Of Oz, when Dorothy arrives in Munchkin Land and it switches from black and white to colour footage. The effect in Time is Money is meant to be a bit more ‘raw’ however, but both are using two different techniques to demonstrate something and create an impact.

YAP_T=M_1 YAP_T=M_2 YAP_T=M_Rose

Concept art so far, thanks to Kessi


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