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Fife College Acting & Performance department were extremely helpful in putting my casting call out to students and ex-students in the local area. The response was very good, and there was an encouraging balance between male and female actors, which will offer greater creative freedom when it comes to the scriptwriting stage. I was granted use of the Fife College radio facilities to carry out auditions on the 17th and 18th of December, where I invited those who had enquired about the projects to attend at set times.

Aim of Sessions

The actors worked in pairs, running through some short scripts with scenes involving two characters chatting in different scenarios (planning a crime, shopping, recording a podcast, and travelling in a car). The aim was to find out the range of each actor, and to give an idea of what sort of characters they would be more suited to. In total we had a turnout of 6, and there was a good standard of performance throughout. There was also a healthy distinction between each actor’s voice which can be vital when working together in an audio-only production.


Sessions were recorded through my own equipment, two SM57 microphones running through a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 preamp. This is  a decent enough setup, though it does limit us to only two audio channels.


When we begin recording in 2015 I’d like to either pay travel expenses or offer to work with each actor to create a voice-reel for them that they can use in future auditions for other projects.

Next Step

The next step is to tailor the sound test audio drama scripts around the range of voices available to me with each actor who attended the auditions. There were others interested in auditioning but they had pantomime and performance commitments until after Christmas, so another audition will be arranged in January.


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