What will the completed project look or sound like?

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At the time of writing, the completed project will predominately be an audio ‘feature’ show. Using a presenter, probably myself, I will introduce the piece with background information on the project. Why did I decide to create it, what did it seek to find out or clarify, and who am I aiming to help by having created it.

We’ll briefly cover the influences behind the project, the audio dramas that inspired me with their production models and quality output. I will then explain how I have tried to replicate each set up (both recording and equipment) to the best of my ability, and recorded a ‘sound test’ which will be a one-scene audio drama, no longer than five minutes.

After each sound test, I will discuss the organising and production behind it. At the end of the piece, I will aim to have comments from experienced audio producers, offering their opinions on which ones they feel achieved an immersive and authentic quality of sound.

To offer a visual aspect for the showcase, the audio feature show will be supplemented with pictures (and possibly cutting to short videos) from production. I will also include tables or charts to demonstrate the cost of each sound test, were you hiring (or even purchasing) facilities and equipment.


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