Microphones & Equipment – The Truth

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During my interview with Jonathan Mitchell of The Truth, I asked him about his recording set up. Almost all of their shows are field recorded.


He told me that his main microphone is a Shure VP88 MS stereo, and if it’s an interior scene that will often be supplemented with AKG 414s on the actors because “you can mix between the two to get the right balance, a much fuller sound, and more control”.


If they are out in the field, and can’t use 414s, they will use Sony lav mics. These will be recorded through the Zoom R16 multitrack, which has 8 XLR inputs. If only having 2 channels on phantom power is a problem, there’s the option of using the Marantz. Jonathan says it’s important to multitrack if you’re using a stereo mic and two lav mics because otherwise they won’t stay in sync, which is crucial to making it work.



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