Casting Update #1

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Looking ahead to finding some new voice talent to help bring the test recording audio drama shorts to life. I’m interested in going down the route of local auditions, inspired by an interview I carried out with Matthew Boudreau of Aural Stage Studios. This audio drama company, based in Buffalo NY, wanted to put together a pool of local actors to record their latest drama A Prophet’s Guide. In the interview Matthew talked about putting adverts in acting magazines, going through the audition process, recording, and the dynamics of having all the actors in the studio together. I also went on to interview Monique Boudreau of Aural Stage Studios and Betsey Palmer of HartLife where we talked about taking care of your acting talent if you can’t afford to pay them, or can only afford a small amount. In summary, providing an organised schedule and a safe environment, combined with offering creative input, and putting on food and beverages for your talent can go a long way to creating a productive and professional recording environment.

I’ll be looking to pay any actors that I use, it’ll be a very modest amount but will cover any expenses. On top of that I believe it will be a good experience that will lead to a great end product. I’ve been in touch with the Acting & Performance department at Fife College to see if we can set up auditions there amongst the students. Aside from this I’ve struggled to find any acting groups in the Fife area, and that’s something I’ll have to look into if I want to avoid using the same cast over and over again.


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