How will the sound tests work?

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Firstly, I’m looking to conduct a detailed investigation into popular ‘field recorded’ and ‘studio recorded’ shows, to establish the reasons and logic behind the choice of their respective producers, and to document and formulate a set of ‘best-practices’ for both. With this data, a selection of ‘test’ audio dramas will be created, based as closely to these best practices as possible. Using a panel of experienced audio producers to judge these tests, all findings and information will then be presented in an accessible manner to help new and aspiring producers choose which route is best for them. This project seeks to offer a shortcut to audio drama production, which aims to save people the time and money of trial and error.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel and both producers of ‘The Cleansed’ and ‘We’re Alive’ put out enough consistent and quality content to suggest that they are efficient and well-learned in their craft. Based on the best practices, accepted practices, and recording strategies gathered from each case study, a series of test recordings should be created as short one-scene audio dramas.

On top of this, I’ll use my own modest range of equipment to produce more sound tests to look at potential low cost alternatives, both in the studio and in the field.

I will then be looking to put together the pool of willing audio producers, and asked to listen to, and comment on each. They will be asked how they think each was recorded, and to list them from most effective, to least effective. As the target audience of the final project is aspiring producers, the survey sample should be made up of accomplished and experienced producers who can offer the most technical value and feedback.

The finished project will be compiled and presented in an audio format, like a feature or informational type show. This will be supplemented with slide shows of photographs, tables, and diagrams from the project as a visual element, to give it added effect during the showcase presentations.


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