Aims, Objectives & Deliverables

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1. Case Studies of audio dramas
2. Analyse relevant peer reviewed literature
3. Create audio drama sound tests
4. Gather data
5. Present data in accessible format
1.1 Interview producers of each case study audio drama
2.1 Review literature in bibliography, use Summon to search for more
3.1 Write scripts for sound tests
3.2 Hire actors
3.3 Hire facilities and equipment
3.4 Carry out recordings, mix in post production
5.1 Present as audio documentary or feature show
4.1 Carry out survey using established producers to critically analyse sound tests
1.1a Audio interview evidence uploaded to blog in podcast form, key points transcribed
2.1a Screenshots of literature searches. Relevant literature analysed and summaries in blog
3.1a Script writing and casting process documented in blog
3.2a Documentation of casting as a ‘casting diary’ on project blog
3.3a Photographs and documentation of equipment and facilities on blog
3.4a Raw audio from recordings to be submitted in CD form
3.4b Completed audio test recordings and documentary uploaded to blog
4.1a List of producers and their backgrounds uploaded to blog
4.1b Full survey results published on blog
5.1a Full documentation of project to be submitted in dissertation form
5.1b Finished audio piece to be presented alongside photographs and screenshots

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