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FinalRune Productions’ Fred Greenhalgh, creator of the fantastic field recorded series The Cleansed, talked about his love for the Rode NT4 & Blimp combo in this article back in 2011.

Fred wrote “While the Blimp is clearly intended for shotgun-style microphones, we find it works just fine with NT-4 after deciphering their directions (this video helped). I had to do a little hack to get the cable routed through the handle, but within a matter of minutes everything was hooked up. Then, to go out and record stuff.

Our first recording with the Rode NT-4/Blimp combo was in September, 2010, for the pilot of our new serial, The Cleansed. We were at a regional airport with steady breezes all day, necessitating the wombat to come out and play on some occasions.”

Fred’s work with this equipment received praise from some big names in the world of audio production too.

“The quality of your location production is breathtakingly stunning” – Roger Gregg of Crazy Dog Audio Theatre

“Having done a few location recordings, I know how much time & effort goes into it, and all the quirks one has to deal with including unwanted extraneous sounds etc. Super job. I am impressed.” – Tom Lopez of ZBS

“In so much drama it’s just about the voices. Here you connect with the sheer physical effort. You can sense the actors sweating.” – John Dryden at BBC Radio 4


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