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There’s a great post on the We’re Alive website about vocal recording, detailing microphone choice and recording space.


Microphone Choice

“The Audio Technica 4073 is a mid-size shotgun mic. Some audio recordists say that more “broadcast/radio mics” are better for their vocal range, but I prefer shotgun mics because the frequency response and sound quality is similar to that of any feature film. In the broad range of costs and manufactures of shotgun mics this is one of the more economical choices.” Kc Wayland (Creator/Director)


“The fidelity of the recording space is a huge aspect to not only the overall quality of the voices but also the time spent in post production. A lot of productions spend a great deal of time fixing the audio quality because of the space and reverb (echo) of a room instead of being able to focus their energy on the content and additional sound. Because of the microphones and room we use, our voice tracks are usually so clear we don’t even have to fade after the end of a clip, meaning the room tone is near silence.” Kc Wayland (Creator/Director)

Kc also reveals that he uses Pro Tools HD, and each character acts into their own mic, and own separate channel in the DAW, giving them scope for much more creative freedom in post-production.


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