Does Audio Drama attract enough female listeners?

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When looking over the results of my Online Audio Drama Listener Survey this was one of the most surprising and disappointing results. I can’t say how accurate a reflection this poll is on the wider audio drama community, but I did try to post the initial link in as many relevant places as possible, none of which I’d have considered particularly male or female dominated.

If this gives an accurate reflection of the big picture, why are audio drama shows failing to win over female listeners? Given the mass popularity of shows like The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad, many would argue that we’ve moved on from having fiction “for men” or “for women”, and that modern storytelling is aimed at fans of particular genres, rather than what their gender supposedly “should” like.

I’d be especially interested to hear from female audio drama fans, writers, producers etc. Do you think this is a ‘fluke’ result and it in no way represents the wider audio drama listenership? Or does this hint at a real issue that the medium is failing to connect with its female audience?


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